Information technology

These days, a majority of businesses are computerised. As well as allowing for increased efficiency, computer systems provide useful data which can be analysed and interpreted in order to help you to make the right strategic decisions and solve specific problems.

Every type of business in every industrial sector, however different, can benefit from information technology, becoming more effective and helping to maintain a sharp competitive edge.

With today's quickening pace of technological change, even relatively recently-installed systems could no longer be fully meeting a business's needs.

With over 18 years of experience, Coates and Partners Limited are well placed to offer clients a wide range of services - from first-time computerisation, to a strategic review of firmly established systems, with a view to upgrading. We can advise on implementation, staff recruitment, staff training, outsourcing and report writing.

We can help your business to ensure that you have in place the right systems to meet present and future requirements for up-to-date, accurate and meaningful information upon which to base day-to-day decisions and plan longer term strategies.

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Sage Line 50 and Sage Instant - The Industry Standard

Sage is the UK's best-selling integrated accounting software and is the industry standard for small and medium sized businesses. With 500,000 businesses in the UK already relying on Sage products and services, you can buy with confidence. Learn more about Sage Products here, or call us for a quote today as we can offer prices below the RRP!

Choose a Solution

You can choose from increasingly comprehensive products in the Sage accounting range - Instant, Instant Plus, Accountant, Accountant Plus and Financial Controller - to suit the size and complexity of your business.

By eliminating repetitive routines, simplifying difficult tasks and speeding up procedures, Sage makes complex accounting tasks straightforward, allowing you to complete in hours what used to take days.

Sage enables the management of customer and supplier information to improve control of cash flow. Its integrated approach means you do not have to keep entering the same data to perform different functions. For example, Sage uses the information on an order to create an invoice automatically.

For advice on which product is best suited to you and your business, or for further information on Sage call 01335 301850 and ask for Karen McKenzie, or alternatively you can email Karen here.